1996 14:30 8
DEPTHS OF FIELD NO.2 1996 04:40 4
DEPTHS OF FIELD NO.3 1997 19:20 2
DEPTHS OF FIELD NO.4 1997 05:00 2
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Depths of Field is a series of compositions based on experiments in which not only separate sounds, but complete sound structures were generated by means of voltage-control techniques in the analogue studio of the Institute of Sonology.

voltage controlled studio of the Institute of Sonology  

By doing so these compositions connect to the series of electronic compositions Funktionen from the 1960s by Gottfried Michael Koenig.
The title "Depths of Field" refers to a theoretical text by Koenig, in which he proposes the term "Field Composition" for a compositional strategy in which the techniques of "System Composition" (serial) and "Chance Composition" (aleatorics) are integrated.
Each Depths of Field piece is based on its own initial sound material, which directly or indirectly forms the basis for further transformation processes. The results from these processes were organised into a family tree that was interpreted as a 'form potential', and as such gave suggestions for the large-form constructions.

family tree for Depths of Field no.3  

For most production and transformation processes the parameter values were selected from random curves, which were derived from the amplitude of slowed-down noise sources and stored on tape as control signals.

Depths of Field was commissioned by the Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst.

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