1993 16:10 8
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The structure of Paradigma is the result of an abstract score in which pitches and entry delays of the sounds are determined. In this score, the musical material is projected on a time axis from a 'main level' towards three 'repetition levels', on which the same material appears in a transformed way. These transformations are based on synthesis variants of the original sounds.
The distances in time between the 'originals' and their transformed 'repetitions' are derived from a row that contains positive and negative values. The negative values are interpreted as negative time vectors, in which case the transformed repetition of a sound appears earlier than its original.

The first performance of Paradigma took place in the Royal Conservatoire's Arnold Schoenbergzaal in 1993 at the occasion of my final exam in composition.

Paradigma received financial support from the Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst.