Post Scriptum: Music from the Institute of Sonology

3 CDs with EQUALE (collaborative composition with Richard Barrett) and Rayons de son (version 2016)

Post Scriptum PS 001


30 Jahre Inventionen VII 1982–2012

2 CDs and one DVD with multichannel compositions, including Zeitraum–Ort–Zeichen–Sterne

Edition RZ 3006–3008


Anthology of Dutch Electronic Music 1999–2010

Double CD including a six minutes excerpt of Crosstalk A.

Basta Music


Panels: An inquiry into the spatial, the sonic and the public.

CD released at the occasion of a symposium with the same title, organized by Paul Devens at NAiM / Bureau Europa Maastricht. Music by Paul Devens, Raviv Ganchrow, Janek Schaefer, The New Electric Chamber Music Ensemble, Esther Venrooy, Grunewald/Finkelstein/Zupraner, BMBcon, Brandon Labelle and Kees Tazelaar (Rayons de son, abridged version).


Space Sound

DVD with multi-channel electronic music by Thomas DeLio, Thomas Licata, Agostino Di Scipio, Kristian Twombly, Linda Dusman and Kees Tazelaar (Phalanxes).

Capstone Records CPS-8811


Musik als Ars Scientia

Die Edgard-Varèse Gastprofessoren des DAAD an der TU-Berlin 2000–2006.
This book by Björn Gottstein includes a CD with pieces by Daniel Teruggi, Hans Tutschku, Trevor Wishart, Gottfried Michael Koenig and Kees Tazelaar (Phalanxes).

PFAU-Verlag ISBN 3-89727-313-6


Gottfried Michael Koenig

Zwei Klavierstücke (J.M. Reichow), Suite, Streichquartett 1959 (La Salle), Terminus X, Funktion Grün, Funktion Gelb, Streichtrio (Trio Recherche)


Edition RZ 2003/4



Gottfried Michael Koenig

Klangfiguren II, Essay, Terminus 1, Terminus 2, Output, Funktion Rot, Funktion Grau, Funktion Violett, Funktion Blau, Funktion Indigo.


BVHAAST 9001/2


Kees Tazelaar - Electronic Compositions

Paradigma, Depths of Field no.3, Torso, E pur si muove…



Popular Electronics

4 CD-box including ballet music by Henk Badings, the complete works of Kid Baltan, the complete electronic works by Tom Dissevelt, and film music by Dick Raaijmakers.

Basta Music



Double CD with electronic pieces from various composers commissioned by Lokaal 01, including Sterne Vielleicht(?)!


The Institute of Sonology

2-CD including Pier & Oceaan and my reconstructions of Le poème électronique (Xenakis/Varèse), Klangfiguren II (Koenig) and Pièce électronique no.3 (Ligeti).

BV Haast 06/0701


Luctor Ponse Electronic and Instrumental Music

2-CD including my reconstructions of Concerto 1 pour piano et bande magnétique and Nacht.

Q-Disc Q97041


The complete electronic works of Jan Boerman.

CV-NEAR 04/05/06/07/08