Crosstalk A–B

Crosstalk A and Crosstalk B are the first works I composed for Wave Field Synthesis playback. 
As a starting point for Crosstalk A, a series of sounds with clear, single pitches was used. This series of sounds was transformed electronically in many ways, during which each transformation also imposed a specific spatial quality on the material. The extent to which the pitch information survived the transformation was a parameter too, as was the duration of the transformed sequence of sounds: from several minutes to only a few seconds. The transformed sequences themselves were again transformed, until a matrix was created which was used as a basis for large-form decisions. The different sections of the piece limit themselves to certain zones from the matrix.

Crosstalk A was commissioned by the Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst and was premiered during the Inventionen 2009 festival in Berlin.

Crosstalk B is the result of similar procedures, but now with a series of chords as a starting point instead of single pitches. 

Crosstalk A and Crosstalk B are also available in versions for eight-channel playback.

Crosstalk A
year: 2009
duration: 16:15
tracks: WFS / 8

Crosstalk B
year: 2009
duration: 14:20
tracks: WFS / 8

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