EQUALE (with Richard Barrett)

EQUALE emerges from a contemplation of the work and ideas of Luigi Nono. The received consensus on Nono’s work is that its three ‘periods’ – serial, political and introspective – involved fundamental shifts in philosophy and musical style, whereas in our opinion all three elements are present throughout his work, and it is this which makes it such a central and inspiring document of compositional thinking in the twentieth century. This unity is reflected in the form and material of our composition.

This work also arises from a belief in the potential of collaborative composition: we have prepared materials individually and incorporated them into an overall structure, which also allows our contributions to interact and to transform one another.

The final realisation was made in the electronic music studio of the Technische Universität Berlin. EQUALE was commissioned by the Relevante Musik Festival: politischer Medienkunst, Performance und Musik, which took place in Berlin in July 2013.

year: 2013
duration: 16:15
tracks: 8