K12 / A Guide to Night Sounds

K12 is a realisation of Gottfried Koenig’s course material for the 1964–65 Bilthoven electronic music course. Koenig came to Bilthoven from Cologne for one week per month to give lectures and instructions. The students would then work on assignments during his absence. At the end of the course, the 29 assignments resulted in a small composition. The assignments are published in Gottfried Michael Koenig, Ästhetische Praxis: Texte zur Musik Band 5 (Saarbrücken: Pfau Verlag, 2002), 54–69.

A Guide to Night Sounds is an elaboration on the material produced for K12. Material groups were transformed, transposed, spatialised and recombined into longer sections.

Klaus Gorter, Jaap Vink and Gottfried Michael Koenig in the CEM Studio in Bilthoven, 1964.
A Guide to Night Sounds, sketch for large form.

year: 2002
duration: 7:30
tracks: 2

A Guide to Night Sounds
year: 2002
duration: 14:35
tracks: 8

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