Source Signals LP

The vinyl album SOURCE SIGNALS (P.P.O.P. Records 003) contains previously unreleased guitar songs and experiments, recorded by Kees Tazelaar between 1981 and 1985, which were compiled, edited and provided with some overdubs in 2019. SOURCE SIGNALS is the follow-up of the vinyl box BROMMERS-BACKLASH (P.P.O.P. Records 002, December 2018).
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“From the use of solid rhythms, a firm bass (when present), lyrical guitar lines which sometimes float around freely, and catchy melodies, you can tell that the music on Source Signals is rooted in pop. However, other sounds seep into the tracks, which are either called “Signal” or “Source”, numbered from 1 to 10. This year he added some extra guitar and bass overdubs to the “Source” tracks, by which they sound just that tiny bit more tender and tasteful. You can hear how Tazelaar moves outside the boundaries of pure pop with waving, reverberating synthesizer sounds, with elongated guitar lines that remind us of the collaboration between Brian Eno and Robert Fripp. […] As a bonus, everything around this album is finished beautifully, from the blue-transparent vinyl to the photography and design of the outer and inner sleeves. […] Once again, this record shows how intriguing and multiform transitional areas can be.”
(René van Peer in Gonzo Circus, September 2019)

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  1. So the title is Sound Signals and the artist Sound on Sound ? Ik kocht de lp zopas bij Koenie … Bedankt Kees !

    1. No, the artist is Source Signals and the album is called Source Signals too. I hope this is not too confusing 🙂

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